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How to Avoid the Holiday Hiring Slump

How to avoid the holiday hiring slump
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How to Avoid the Holiday Hiring Slump

So, it’s that time of year again! You’ve got your winter boots on, your hot cocoa brewing and you’re ready to jump into the holiday spirit!

Well, maybe not exactly.

If you’re unemployed or searching for a new gig to get you out of a job you hate, this may be a particularly difficult time of year to get through.

After all, how are you suppose to fill your glass with holiday joy when you’re constantly worried about how the holidays will affect your already diminishing bank account?

Job hunting during the holidays can be especially difficult, as most hiring managers are on their own holiday trip and are less attentive to reviewing those resumes that come in (including yours).

But this year, the holiday hiring slump doesn’t have to get you down! Here are a few tips to keep your spirits lifted and your motivation high during the holiday season.

Tip #1 – Choose to Chill

I know it’s tough to relax when you are in the state of constant stress wondering how you will land your next job. But it’s important to recognize that stress is not helpful to your health, and if you aren’t healthy you won’t be on point if you do get the chance to interview.

Instead, during this holiday season try and focus on things that put your mind at ease. Relax with family, read a good book, hang out with friends and give yourself time to just be calm.

Our subconscious mind rules our body, so you need to head off that crazy lady by making a conscious effort to relax, stay calm and be happy.

Tip #2 – Get Creative

Holiday shopping can seem like a bad idea when you’re unemployed. Each year, we spend hundreds of dollars on mediocre gifts for other people that usually end up in the pile of clutter in the closet.

This year, try and get creative instead!

Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for DIY holiday inspiration and you should check it out. Try getting into the spirit by creating inexpensive gifts for family and friends instead of purchasing gifts that will break your piggy bank. After all, in today’s world it’s really easy to get caught up in the hype and lose the true meaning of the holidays.

Don’t be one of those suckers. Instead, try spending more time at the holidays focusing on the importance of the holiday, and homemade gifts are an excellent way to show your loved one how much you care.

Tip #3 – Volunteer

If I’m honest here, the times I feel the most happiness are the times I spend helping those who need me. There is just something about helping someone less fortunate that helps you put your own situation into perspective.

A paying job would be great, but if you don’t have one then volunteering or helping someone in need is a great way to spend your time. We promise – karma will bless you and pay you dividends in the future.

Tip #4 – Network

There are tons of holiday networking events, you just have to know where to find them. Churches, community centers, hospitals, local Chambers of Commerce and many other organizations often hold annual holiday luncheons or special events.

These events are often low cost or free to attend and offer great networking options. If there is a small cost, consider emailing the event organizer and asking if they would grant you free admission. Simply explain that you are in a difficult financial spot, but you’d be happy to help them set up or clean up in exchange for a ticket to the event.

And when you finally do arrive, don’t be afraid to tell people you’re in the market for a new job if they ask what you do for a living.

Take it one step further and practice your personal elevator pitch in advance – so if you do have the opportunity to meet the CEO of your favorite company, you’ll have plenty of words planned to impress her!

Tip #5 – Send a Holiday Message

Wish you could connect with that hiring manager who holds the keys to your new dream gig? Try sending them a holiday message or card!

Hiring managers love it when people contact them just to say thank you or wish them a happy holiday season. Just craft a quick, engaging email thanking them for reviewing your resume and inviting them for coffee after the holiday. This little kind gesture may be the added push you needed to get that call.

Overall, it’s important to remember that the holidays are a time to enjoy with your loved ones. The stress of searching for a job doesn’t need to take the place of the happy memories you can (and should) build this year.

So relax, focus on what matters most in life and your new dream job will show up when you least expect it.

Good luck!

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