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Proven Techniques To Make Your Resume Stand Out

How to make your resume stand out
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It’s Sunday morning and for most of us we are sitting at the dining room table drinking our morning coffee and scanning the job board sites. Finding a job is hard in this competitive market. Really hard. Landing a job with your dream employer? Even HARDER.

But there are some proven techniques you can use to set yourself apart from your competition and get noticed faster. Here are my top 3.

#1 Maximize your LinkedIn Profile

If you take nothing else away from this post, take this. You NEED to create a killer LinkedIn profile so recruiters and hiring managers can tell right away what skills and value you will bring to the table.

Over 80% of recruiters say LinkedIn is the first place they search when looking for talent. More of them even admit to looking at your profile when they receive your resume.

So make sure it stands out or you will lose your 6 seconds before you even had them.

#2 – Maximize Your Search Ranking

So you’ve got your profile looking sweet, congrats! It’s painful for me to even tell you this after all that hard work, but a stellar, well-put-together profile just isn’t enough.

Your profile can be one of the most beautiful pieces are professional artwork out there, but if you aren’t ranking high in the search engine results, no one will ever see it.

You’ve got to “search engine optimize” your profile and make sure that you are including all necessary keywords to help you rank high. Similar to how Google ranks websites, your profile gets ranked too.

There is a science to this so read up about it first to make sure you are doing it correctly.

#3 Go the Extra Mile and Do Something Special

Standing out and getting noticed means doing something no one else is doing to grab the attention first. Just take a look at these sample magazine pages that I put together to grab my piece of the attention pizza.

Sure it took a few hours of planning and writing, but employers are usually impressed that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Proven Techniques To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Proven Techniques To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Proven Techniques To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Proven Techniques To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Shortcuts don’t work in life and they sure don’t work in business. So take the extra time and do it right. I promise you, it will pay off for you ten-fold.

Now go get started and good luck!


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