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Top 5 Phone Interview Questions to Ask

Top 5 Phone Interview Questions to Ask
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Top 5 Phone Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Alright guys and gals – you scored the phone interview! This will be your opportunity to seal the deal and get invited in for the next round and hopefully, land that new awesome gig.

The phone interview is a critical step, because if you can’t impress over the telephone, there is no way you’ll make it to meeting face to face. The phone interview is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself, so don’t screw it up by not having any quality questions to ask at the end.

You heard me right! No matter how great the first part of the interview is, if you don’t ask any questions at the end you will totally turn off the hiring manager because they will assume you are a poor planner, or worse completely disengaged in the process.

You have to prove that you are a diligent candidate, and that means preparing quality questions to ask to peak your interviewer’s interest.

And lucky for you – we’ve made it easy for you!

Below are the Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask your interviewer.

After you ask the questions below – listen for the answers and then reiterate how you address their needs by giving very specific examples. The goal here is to directly tie your experience and qualifications to the hiring managers needs.

Q1. If you had to choose, what would be the most important skill this new hire should bring to the table?

Q2. If I were to be hired, what would be the most important goal you would want me to accomplish in the first 60 days?

Q3. What is the culture of the organization like on a typical day?

Q4. What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of this job?

Q5. What skills or qualities did you value most from the person who used to be in this role?

Ok that’s it – now go knock their socks off and land that job!

And if you need some additional tips and guidance to prepare, head over here.

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